Brown Heroin 60% pure


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1 gram | 0% | $50 per gram
2 – 4 grams | 5% | $47.5 per gram
5 – 9 grams | 10% | $45 per gram
10 – 14 grams | 15% | $42.5 per gram
15 – 24 grams | 20% | $40 per gram
25 – 49 grams | 25% | $37.5 per gram
50 – 99 grams | 30% | $35 per gram

Reseller subscription | 50% | $25 per gram



Order Brown Heroin 60% pure-LCC

Order Brown Heroin 60% pure-LCC. Heroin is a powder derived from opium poppies. It may come from South America, Mexico, or Southeast and Southwest Asia. Most heroin in the United States comes from South America, but “black tar” varieties from Mexico are more common in the western US. It has the appearance of coal or roofing tar, with a dark brown to black color.

The drug is extremely addictive. It works by binding to mu-opioid receptors in the brain. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), these receptors are turned on as a result, stimulating the release of dopamine and inducing a feeling of pleasure. Normally, the body’s natural neurotransmitters bind to these same receptors to release dopamine. The process regulates pain and hormone release. It also helps a person naturally feel a sense of wellbeing.

By activating opioid receptors artificially, one can essentially rewire the reward system. A repeated cycle of craving and euphoria leads people down the path to addiction. Soon, they become chemically dependent on the drug and, without it.

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Street heroin is almost never pure. It may be a white powder or dark brown. The consistency can vary widely as there may be many impurities depending on the manufacturing process. Sugars, starches, powdered milk, and even other types of drugs may be added as filler. The unpredictable strength of the drug further complicates matters on top of the person’s addiction to it.


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1 gram, 2-4 grams, 5-9 grams, 10 -14 grams, 15- 24 grams, 25-49 grams, 50 -99 grams


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